What Is Social & Community Participation and What Are Its Benefits

NDIS Social and Community Participation refers to a support service meant for individuals who fall under disability and elderly care that aims to provide and increase their interaction with other people through community-based activities.Social and Community Participation in NDIS or simply Community Participation, provides people living with a disability or elderly to develop skills that positively impact their personalities, health, or way of living.
Community Participation Support Workers commit to giving opportunities through self-development classes, recreational events, sports, introduction to new hobbies, and more. Each activity is guaranteed to be filled with joy and new learnings. Increased Social and Community Participation in NDIS can lead to a life lived to the fullest.
NDIS Social Community and Civic Participation not only bring happiness to an individual’s life but also guarantees to be tailored fit for each person’s different personalities, needs, and goals making development or transition a lot more efficient and easier.
Now that we know more about Social Community and Civic Participation in NDIS or Social and Community Participation, let’s talk about its benefits.

Social & Community Participation Improves Social Skills

We all know how healthy interaction and being social is. Studies show how being engaged socially impacts our health positively: both physical and psychological health. 
Participating in community-based activities acts as a platform wherein the elderly or people living with disabilities can communicate, build strong bonds, and interact in an inclusive space—a place where respect and open-mindedness triumph.
They can practice their social and communication skills through simple activities, further improving their attitude or personality. Having friends or confidants is also believed to ease mental stress.

Social & Community Participation Boosts Confidence

Having a community where you feel you belong boosts one’s confidence and increases one’s self-worth and self-esteem. A sense of belonging and a group wherein you can confide plays a big role in self-development.
Participation like these can lead to development in the socio-emotional state and boosts confidence and independence. As long as they feel included and feel someone believes and trusts them, they will also learn to trust themselves.
You just need the right people, a reliable worker and service provider and it will work wonders in building one’s confidence.

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