How to Become an NDIS Support Worker in Australia?

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support workers provide assistance and support to people with disabilities. The role of an NDIS private support worker is to help participants achieve their goals and live as independently as possible.

If you’re interested in becoming an NDIS support worker, there are a few things you need to do. Let this blog from My Support Services, a certified NDIS service provider in Melbourne, share the correct process in entering this career.

First, you’ll need to obtain the necessary certification. Second, you’ll need to find a job with an NDIS-registered provider. And third, you’ll need to be registered with the NDIS Commission. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become an NDIS support worker in Australia.

The Step by Step Process

If you are decided to take on the career in disability care, then continue reading the following steps in becoming a certified disability worker in Australia:

Step 1: Obtain the Necessary Certification

To become an NDIS support worker in Australia, you’ll need to have a certificate III or IV in disability, community services, or individual support. You can complete a traineeship, apprenticeship, or vocational placement to obtain the necessary certification. 

Once you’ve obtained your certification, you’ll need to register with the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency). Registering with the NDIA is free and can be done online.

Step 2: Find a Job With an Ndis-Registered Provider

Once you’ve obtained the necessary certification, you’ll need to find a job with an NDIS-registered provider. A registered provider is an organization that has been approved by the NDIA to deliver supports and services to people with disabilities. 

You can search for jobs on the JobAccess website, which is run by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. The JobAccess website has a range of resources available for job seekers with disabilities, including job search assistance and resume writing tips.

Step 3: Be Registered With the Ndis Commission

As of July 1st 2019, all providers and workers delivering NDIS support services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme must be registered with the NDIS Commission. You can register online through the Provider Registration and Business Portal (PRBP). To register, you’ll need your business registration details and contact information. You’ll also need to provide evidence of your public liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Once you’re registered, you’ll be given a registration number that must be displayed on all marketing materials.

Following these steps will help you become an NDIS support worker in Australia so that you can start making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities!

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