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Transforming Lives: Empowering Individuals with Unique Abilities

We are a team of compassionate professionals who deeply understand the power of empowerment and the profound impact it can have on the lives of individuals with diverse abilities.

  • Empowering Independence, Embracing Inclusion
  • Cultivating Growth, Fostering Inclusivity
  • Collaborative Care, Empowering Lives
  • Inclusivity at the Heart
  • Building Bridges, Inspiring Progress

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We create personalized care plans.


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We devoted to changing your life for the best.
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What Is NDIS?

As NDIS service providers, we offer a comprehensive range of services carefully curated to address the diverse requirements of individuals with disabilities.


Our mission is to empower and uplift Australians living with various forms of ability differences.


We hopes to become a leading NDIS provider for disability support services.

Common Core Principles

Culturally sensitive and professional disability care and assistance.

Our Values

Shape the foundation of our work and guide us in providing valuable support.

Why Choose My Support Services As Your NDIS Provider?

At My Support Services, we provide all kinds of NDIS services to ensure that all the needs of your loved one are met at all times. Also, we aim to provide you with any information on the updated NDIS scheme to assist you and your loved one with decisions made about their personal needs and goals. We will walk you through the application process for NDIS Connect to help you make personal changes to your NDIS plan based on your needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access NDIS?

You can be part of the NDIS program if:

  • you have a permanent physical or cognitive disability or a developmental delay
  • you hold an Australian citizenship, a permanent visa or a Protected Special Category visa
  • you are below 65 years of age
  • your daily living situation requires support and assistance from a person or machine in doing daily activities

If you have the complete NDIS access requirements, then you can take the next step in acquiring the support services you need. For your enquiries about access to the NDIS, you can contact the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) on 1800 800 110.

It is the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) task to review all the prices of NDIS supports annually. As a result, we follow the adjusted prices of support services in line with these pricing reviews.

NDIA understands these price increases, this is why they adjust the value of your available funds accordingly. You can enjoy the same number of hours available for you to use. It is important to check the NDIS Price guides and pricing for the most updated information from time to time.

The list below shows the support services funded by the NDIS and core supports in NDIS examples:

  • Personal Care and Daily living activities
  • Transportation assistance for different community and asocial participation activities
  • Employment assistance and training programs
  • Therapeutic and Counseling services
  • Household tasks services
  • Aids and equipment assessment from a skilled personnel
  • NDIS-approved home modification design and construction
  • Disability-assistance equipment and mobility gadgets
  • Vehicle modifications

There are some disability support services that are not covered by the NDIS Act such as:

  • Support Services under the care of another government system or community service
  • No correlation to the participants’ disability
  • Insignificant daily living costs to a participant’s needs
  • Inappropriate and harmful services for participants and other people

Get to know more about the NDIS funded supports here: https://www.ndis.gov.au/

There is a national approach being followed by the NDIS in processing  Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) for ages 0 to 6 years old. This is designed to provide quick access of support services for the eligible child participants.

Included in the program are the following support services such as health services, playgroups or peer support groups. They also give opportunities for children to work with early childhood intervention providers in the short or medium – term. These interventions are created and delivered to achieve your child’s developmental goals.

The long-term support needs of your child becomes more accessible through the help of an individualised NDIS support plan. It helps your child in receiving the appropriate supports he needs for a longer period of time.

For child participants aged seven years and over, the NDIS requires a different processing system.

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Our Satisfied Members

The care provided for my intellectually handicapped brother has been excellent so far. The care and consideration shown to him over the last few months has been wonderful, giving him the support where he needs it to be living independently. Thank you team, Gayle Boorn.

Gayle Boorn

Thank you My Support Services for the great customer service and friendly staff. My recent experience was fantastic! My support workers, namely Fatmata and Alem, provided me with exceptional care. They demonstrated a deep understanding, compassion, caring, dedication, respect and friendly attitude whilst providing the best care possible. They always put my needs first and no request was too much. They always provided service with a smile 😀. I will always admire and treasure them for the way they assisted me and my family. The instant ‘connections’ that we formed will always be remembered. They really are EXCEPTIONAL people and I can’t praise them highly enough. Thank you PWD for having such dedicated people on board. It REALLY does make a difference!! I highly recommend this service to everyone in need.

Laura Barroso

Great customer service and very friendly staff.

Todd Morgan

My Support Services are currently providing my husband excellent support and I'm so glad that I chose them as his NDIS provider. I highly recommend this service to everyone. I want to thank the My Support team and an extra special thanks to the My Support Services representative Paula Posada.

Jess Han

Thank you to the My Support Services Team for supporting me and my family. The support workers are fantastic people with real passion with what they do, we have been feeling very supported.